Cluster fly Pest Control in Leeds

Cluster fly Treatment

Cluster fly Treatment


Much like house flies, cluster flies like to live and hibernate in houses. This is because they are attracted to warm spaces. They are about 8mm long and look quite similar to other flies, being dark grey in colour.

Information about cluster flies

Cluster flies may be much noisier than other species and often bump into windows and furniture. They are far more sluggish in the air than other types of flies and can be an irritation because of their persistence. While cluster flies are ultimately harmless to humans, they are definitely annoying and unsightly. They tend to establish a habitat for themselves in spaces that are not readily accessible, such as wall cavities or spaces in the roof. This makes removal difficult.

Signs of a cluster fly problem include:

  • Dead flies on window sills or across rooms in your house
  • A large amount of flies flying in or around your home
  • An increase in the number of flies in your home in autumn

Cluster flies hibernate in the winter which is why they can become particularly problematic in the autumn, gathering in large numbers typically in the upper areas of a property, including the roof space. You may be able to identify you have an infestation of cluster flies even if you haven’t seen them as they have a very distinctive smell which is noticeable when there’s a large crowd of them, such as during hibernation.

Although they can occur anywhere, cluster flies are more common in rural areas because one particular type have a parasitic relationship with a type of earthworm.

Following hibernation, cluster flies typically return to the same location every year, so it’s not a good idea to rely on the cold weather to resolve your infestation.

The Pestserve approach to Cluster fly removal

A single fly or two can easily be gotten rid of with a vacuum cleaner, and they may well be much easier to catch than other types of fly. However, larger numbers will require professional services to eradicate them once and for all.

If you have a problem with cluster flies in your home or property, then we strongly encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss the issue with you. There are multiple methods for controlling and removing a cluster fly problem, so we would need to know more about your personal situation before recommending one solution over another. Please call us at 07886 249 030 for more information. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!