Bird Pest Control in Leeds


Pigeon control


The problem with birds explained

Birds can be a real nuisance for home or property owners. They can leave their droppings all over the garden or the roof of a building, causing an unsightly mess that spreads disease and contamination. Their nests can cause damage to gutters, rooftops and other areas of your property. In some situations, flocks of birds can destroy gardens or crops as they search for food to eat. Species such as sparrows are actually classified as pests because of the severe damage they cause to packaged goods.

Such a large mass of droppings can also become slippery, representing an accident risk. Insects may also be attracted by the bird droppings, encouraging infestations from other common pests such as the carpet beetle and fleas.

Any birds can potentially become a problem in large numbers but pigeon, seagulls, starling and sparrows are a common issue.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protection for birds

However the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides protection to all wild birds and their eggs so only those individuals who hold a license are permitted to control their population.

Although population reduction of wild birds which have become pests is permitted under the law, it’s a far less desirable way of dealing with the problem. Prevention is far better than cure so taking a few measures to protect your property in the first place is an excellent idea.

Blocking off access and bird proofing your premises

Blocking off access to the locations they want to inhabit and depriving them of any food sources in the area are two excellent ways of humanely discouraging birds from residing in a certain area. This can work for all kinds of building, both domestic and commercial.

Proofing is a technique now used extensively which has been shown to be very effective in dealing with problem birds. Proofing involves setting out blunt spikes along the areas that bird likes to perch or roost, along with sprung wires and netting. All of these features act as excellent deterrents, preventing birds from accessing the areas you’d rather they stayed away from. They are also a very gentle measure, simply tipping the birds off balance if they attempt to perch or roost, rather than inflicting any lasting harm.

The Pestserve Approach to resolving bird infestation issues

Our highly qualified technicians can help you fix your bird infestation issues in a quick and discreet manner. We can trap and remove the birds and their nests without harming you, the birds themselves or your property. Please contact us at 07886 249 030 for more information.