Squirrel Pest Control in Leeds

Squirrels are sometimes referred to as Tree Rats, which is sort of true – the animal is a rodent. The large majority of squirrels in the UK are grey with a white underbelly. An adult squirrel will weigh between 400g and 600g, and will be 390mm to 500mm in length which includes its tail. They will reproduce once or twice a year, and the babies are weaned from the mother at six to ten weeks of age.

Damage caused by squirrels

Squirrels can cause heavy damage to wood structures and cables in your home, as they like to gnaw on these items. If squirrels manage to nest in your home and destroy important wires or cables, they could cause these to short out and cause fires. In addition, grey squirrels carry a virus that is deadly to their red squirrel counterparts, who are critically endangered in the United Kingdom. To that end, efforts are being made to segregate the two species in order to preserve the red squirrel.

Grey squirrels like to gain access to roof spaces, as an area which is warm, dry and sheltered. Unfortunately, once they’ve made their nest there, the damage they can inflict is extensive.

As well as the chewing risk, they can also shred fiber glass; strip out insulation and in some cases may end up drowning in the water tank. This can pollute the water supply to the property and present additional health risks for the occupants.

Prevention is better than cure with squirrel control

Blocking access in the first place is the best way to avoid the pest of squirrels in your home. Filling in any gaps or entry holes using strong wire mesh can be a good way of stopping both squirrels and other larger pests such as pigeons from entering your roof space and making it their home.

The Pestserve approach to squirrel pest control

Pestserve strongly recommends that you refrain from trying to trap or remove squirrels on your own, as they are prone to biting and scratching. In a severe situation, you may end up with an infected wound that will need medical treatment. In addition, releasing a grey squirrel into the wild is forbidden. Instead, you are required to humanely dispatch it. Red squirrels are to be released into the wild.

Our technicians are fully qualified to carry out squirrel control and removal, which means we take all of the fuss, effort and worry off your shoulders. Please be aware that Pestserve does not use poison as part of its squirrel control services. We only employ squirrel traps or shooting as our main methods.

If you are interested in our squirrel control and removal services, then we invite you to call us at 07886 249 030 for more information.