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Wasp Nest
Wasps tend to be 10mm to 20mm, with male wasps being smaller than female ones. They have two sets of wings and have black and yellow stripes on their bodies. They are often mistaken for bees until they are provoked into defending their territory. The aggression of wasps means that they are a nuisance for many people. They tend to build their nests in common areas, which then causes issues with the homeowners who end up sharing space with these insects!

As the weather gets warmer in mid to early April, wasps begin to construct new nests in which the queen can lay her eggs after awakening from hibernation. The first eggs to hatch are sterile female wasps who will look after the younger wasps. By the end of the summer, the nest and its surrounding areas could be home to thousands of new wasps. The queen then produces male wasps and new queens, who then mate before settling in to hibernate for the winter.

  • Under patios and decks
  • In chimneys
  • In walls
  • Near windows
  • In lofts
  • Under gutters
  • In hedges
  • Near compost bins
  • Hanging from tree branches

If you do find a new wasp nest in your home or on your property, do not try to remove it yourself. These nests are notoriously difficult to remove and most people are unfamiliar with the risks that some removal methods can pose. Wasps will also try to sting you if they feel that you are threatening their nest. In rare instances, wasp stings can trigger anaphylaxis (anaphylactic shock), an allergic reaction that has symptoms such as rashes and itching as well as swelling of the eyes, mouth and throat. Some cases of anaphylaxis can be fatal. It is best to remove wasps from your home, garden or other property as quickly as possible to lessen the risk of a fatal allergic reaction.

Wasp control and wasp nest removal is extremely important for the health and safety of a house and the people living within it. This is why Pestserve offers top-quality Wasp Control to homes and businesses in the local area. Our experienced team can quickly take care of these insects and safely remove the nest from your property using our special Wasp Nest Removal Service. Everything is taken care of quickly and quietly, with no trace of dangerous chemicals or cleaning agents left on your property. Our technicians can also provide you with tips on how to prevent a wasp infestation from recurring. Do not let wasps ruin your chance to enjoy your home and garden this summer. Contact Pestserve today and ask about our Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal services right here in Leeds and West Yorkshire. You can call us today at 07886249030 for more information.