Rabbit Pest Control in Leeds

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The demand for rabbits as a food source has drastically declined in recent years, leading to a marked increase in the population of wild rabbits. Rabbits can grow to 45cm long and tend to have short brown-tinged fur. Female rabbits are able to produce up to 20 kittens in a year. For the farmer or avid gardener, this can quickly become a nightmare.

Signs you know you have a rabbit problem

Top signs of a rabbit problem include:

  • Round and coarse faecal pellets in the garden
  • Destruction of grass or young plants
  • Gnaw marks on trees, wires, plastic irrigation tubes, cables and hoses
  • De-barked trees

Rabbit behaviors that make them a pest

Rabbits tend to live outside in fields or gardens in underground burrows called warrens. Left to their own devices, rabbits can quickly cause lasting and significant damage to paddocks, buildings, crops and trees. They can wreak havoc on a garden, either by eating the plants or by destroying the landscaping. In severe cases, they can short out wires and cables as they gnaw on them, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Deterring rabbits

To prevent rabbits from getting into your field, garden or grassy area, rabbit nets are an effective deterrent. Dug at least six inches into the ground, rabbits will not be able to tunnel under them. For trees, using guards at least 60cm high is recommended to protect the bark.

Some products can be used to stop rabbits certain plants or in specified areas. This can be effective but as the product needs to be applied very regularly, it’s typically not cost effective. It can however be a useful technique when you only need to protect a plant for a short time, such as a young tree.

If you have noticed that you are having issues with rabbits, it’s best to start solving the problem as soon as possible.

Typical pest control methods used

Typical pest control methods for rabbits include rabbit trapping, snaring, ferreting and shooting. Pestserve only uses approved snares for capturing rabbits, and we can also use fencing to keep the rabbits out of your garden area. We utilise spring, cage and drop traps where necessary. In some instances, the rabbit warrens can be gassed in order to eliminate the problem.

The Pestserve approach to rabbit control

We recommend that you do not try to trap, gas or capture rabbits on your own. Here at Pestserve, we can take care of the issue for you in a quick, efficient and discreet manner. Our technicians have a number of solutions for those who are struggling with rabbits ruining their garden. Why not call us at 07886 249 030 and start tackling your rabbit pest problem straight away?