Flea Pest Control in Leeds

 human flea

Human flea infestations are very uncommon in the UK, but household pets are susceptible to flea infestations. Cat fleas are more common than dog fleas. Most fleas are about 2mm and have flat sides and a brown colour. While fleas may not affect humans to a great degree, they can cause a lot of discomfort to our pets. The presence of these pests can make a home feel uninhabitable.

Tell-tale signs of a flea problem

Signs of a flea problem include:

  • Your pet scratching more than is normal or expected
  • Flea dirt or flea droppings that look like black pepper, usually on your pet’s skin or their bedding
  • Fleas crawling on your pet’s skin and fur

You may also find that you have been bitten, even though the fleas can’t actually live on your skin. Some people can react quite severely to a flea bite, and the area of skin which has been bitten can become red and inflamed.

Treatments for flea infestation

If you find fleas in your home, then the best thing to do is have the affected areas treated with an insecticide. You should also wash all the bedding and textiles in your home on a high heat cycle in order to kill any leftover fleas. Soft furnishings will also need to be treated as well. In addition, you should have your pets treated for fleas too. This may include medicated shampoo, oral medicine or topical applications that can be put on their fur. Try to maintain a regular anti-flea regime if you have pets and administer topical applications to their fur once a month.

Fleas are persistent pests

If you find old birds’ nests in your loft or the eaves of your house, remove it straight away as this is a common source of fleas. Fleas can be persistent and difficult to get rid of as it’s not just the adult fleas which need to be eradicated, but the eggs too. If all the fleas and eggs aren’t adequately treated, the whole cycle continues and you’ll find you are right back to where you started from.

The Pestserve approach to flea removal

Pestserve is able to send out highly trained technicians who can quickly and easily eradicate your flea problems by applying insecticides in your home. Instead of working with lots of chemicals and insecticides on your own, you can leave the hard work to us. Call us at 07886 249 030 for more information about our flea control and removal services.