Moles Pest Control in Leeds


Moles are small but strong mammals that tend to be around five inches long with a barrel-shaped torso. They are solitary creatures and will often fight to the death if they encounter another mole. They normally have black fur, but reddish or white moles have been caught on rare occasions.

Moles prefer living underground

Moles prefer to live underground most of the time. They use their large front paws to dig holes and tunnels in the ground in order to establish a habitat. Left unchecked, moles can cause significant damage to a garden or lawn as they create unsightly tunnels called mole hills. Moles can tunnel through dirt at the alarming rate of 5.5 metres per hour. This can leave a garden in ruins in a very short period of time.

Damage which makes moles a pest

However, it’s not just the cosmetic effect on the lawn that mole hills cause which is so problematic. The roots of young plants are often ripped apart which can cause them to wither and die, while the ridges and stones thrown to the surface as a result of the tunnel can cause serious damage to machinery such as lawn mowers. Therefore, having moles in your garden could mean you end up having to replace valuable shrubbery and equipment.

Information about moles

Moles tend to breed between March and April, with the young being born between four and six weeks later. Litter size ranges from two to seven young. The infant moles will leave their mother four to five weeks after the birth.

There are plenty of old wives’ tales about how to repel moles but nothing has been scientifically proven to act as an effective deterrent. If your garden has rich soil and a plentiful supply of earthworms and other insects, the chances are you could be a prime target for moles.

The Pestserve approach to mole removal

At Pestserve, we know that moles can be a major source of irritation for anyone who takes pride in their garden or lawn. We offer a high-quality mole control service that relies on traditional mole trapping and mole catching techniques. Our tunnel traps are discreet and effective, which means your front garden could be mole-free in a matter of hours. Please be aware that we never use gas as a method for mole control and removal.

Whether you’re in Leeds, Selby or York, we can take care of your mole issues. Why not call us at 07886 249 030 for more information?