Pigeon Control

Pigeons are related to doves and other members of the Clade Columbidae. However, the feral rock pigeon, or city pigeon, is a source of annoyance for both public authorities and private property owners. These birds tend to congregate in large flocks, which leaves annoying droppings and makes it hard for people to navigate. When people feed them, it tends to encourage the pigeons to stick around around and become a nuisance.

Pigeons tend to breed in March. They mate for life. The female pigeon will lay one or two eggs at a time, and the newly hatched chicks can start to fly and fend for themselves after just 28 days. Pigeons will have three to four clutches per year.

Pigeons will build their nests in a variety of places. They have taken a shine to living among humans and feeding off food scraps. Pigeons even eat out of discarded takeaway boxes. They can often be found in the following areas:

  • Old buildings
  • Rooftops
  • Ledges
  • Gutters
  • Empty Containers
  • Near water tanks or cisterns

Pestserve is more than happy to assist you in your pigeon removal efforts. We offer pigeon proofing services, where nets are cast around areas that the pigeons typically roost. This removes their living space and forces them to find another. Pigeon spikes are another good option for ledges, roofing and other areas of your property. If the pigeons find it impossible to sit down, they will go elsewhere. We also employ the use of a gel placed in an open container. This tricks the pigeon into thinking that the building is on fire. In extreme cases, we can provide you with a pigeon shooting service. Please be aware that the police will always be informed if we have to shoot pigeons. We will perform this task with the utmost consideration for your health and safety, as well as that of any pets in or around your home.

If you are interested in pigeon removal services, why not call Pestserve today at 07886 249 030? Were looking forward to hearing from you!