Getting Rid Of Rats

Getting Rid Of Rats – Get Rid Of Them Before They Destroy Your Home

Getting rid of rats quickly is imperative if you are suffering from this problem in your home. Rats do not need a lot to live, merely some fresh water to drink. They can therefore quickly establish themselves in your shed, under your patio, in your loft and in plenty of other spaces. They mature from the age of three months with some rats living for as long as 18 months. This means that they have more than enough time to produce hundreds of young, which of course makes the issue even worse. Once rats establish themselves in your home, they will start chewing through everything, from cables to boxes. Is this something you have already noticed? If so, you certainly need professional pest control services as quickly as possible. This is definitely not a problem you should attempt to deal with yourself.

If you take a look on the Internet you will likely see a wealth of guides providing you with DIY pest control tips. However, it’s highly inadvisable to take this approach. Getting rid of rats is not an easy task. You need individuals with expert knowledge and all of the equipment and products to deal with the issue effectively. If you attempt to deal with the problem yourself, how will you really know that you have got rid of all of the rats? How do you know the situation won’t reoccur? Most people will agree that it is too much of a risk to take. With professional pest control you can be safe in the knowledge that all rats have been removed. The best technicians will also provide you with advice and tips to ensure that rats don’t take over your property again.

The Best Pest Control Services From Pestserve

If you are suffering from rat infestation, or think you are, Pestserve is the company you need. We have an extensive amount of experience in pest control and thus you can be certain that we will deal with the issue as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will stop the problem before the rats take over your home and destroy your furniture and other items. All you need to do is give us a call and we will provide you with a free no obligation quotation. This can typically be done via the telephone. However, if necessary we will visit your property to give you a price estimate. You will not be charged for this visit. Our prices are exceptionally competitive. We know that pest control services represent an unexpected expense, which is why we have worked hard to bring as much value to our customers as possible and this is definitely reflected in our rates.

Pestserve is based in Leeds, however we are more than happy to travel to the likes of York and Selby if need be. Moreover, we don’t only help with rat infestation, but our service covers a wide range of pest control. This includes all of the following – wasp nest removal, pigeon control, woodworm treatment, cockroach treatment, flea treatments, bedbug treatment, mouse control, squirrel trapping, rabbit control, mole trapping and much, much more. If you are feeling unsure about our service we encourage you to head to the ‘Our Work’ section on our website. You will be able to read reviews that have been left by our clients. You will see that we have an impeccable reputation and this should put your mind at ease. Unlike other companies, we allow customers to leave their reviews directly via the website, thus you can be sure of their authenticity.

If you have a problem with rats in your home, or any other type of pest, why not take a look at our website? You will find an abundance of information. All you need to do is navigate to www.pestserve.co.uk. You will also find a comprehensive FAQ section. Hopefully this will answer any queries you have. However, if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to answer questions. Simply dial 07886 249 030 to speak to someone directly or send an email to contact@pestserve.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. When it comes to getting rid of rats, you definitely need a professional service before they begin destroying your home. Get in touch with Pestserve today!

Additional Advice

Unless you've spotted the pests with your own eyes, it could be hard to identify whether you have a problem or not. That is the reason why we've put together this helpful guide. Keep reading to find out about some tell-tale indications that you've got a pest problem.

Let us start with rats. Getting rid of rats is a common pest control service in the United Kingdom. They could be a serious problem, particularly as they will begin chewing through your house. Chewing marks are one of the most typical indications, be it chewed wires, cartons or even food packages in your cupboard being affected. Other indications are rat droppings. They bear a resemblance to a big grain of rice, but are dark brown in colour. Rats can normally leave up to 40 droppings each night. Other than this, you can often hear a range of scratching sounds. The brown rat makes more of a grinding sound, whereas the black rat produces a scratching sound, as they usually climb into attic spaces because they are the better climber of these species. Lastly, running tracks and rub marks are other evident indicators that you have a problem with rats.

Another common reason for getting the professional pest control is to eradicate cockroaches. As cockroaches multiply fast, this is obviously a problem that has to be taken care of as quickly as possible. There are several indications that you're dealing with a cockroach problem. One of the most frequent indicators is the shell casings, which are dark brown, egg-shaped and small. They're basically the egg cases of recently hatched cockroaches. You might also detect a bad odour, as cockroaches give off a strong and foul odour. That is something which you will not be able to prevent once they're in large numbers. Have you ever found droppings and smear marks? If so, all these are unfortunately added signs of cockroach infestation. Their droppings are extremely small, usually no longer than 3 millimetres in size. Certainly, you'll most likely actually see some cockroaches, particularly in instances of serious infestation.

Next we've got wasp nest removal, which is certainly a service that has to be performed by experts, as it could be very dangerous. A wasp nest is typically something you cannot miss and so it's one of the simplest pest issues to determine. However, you might not know just where the problem is coming from. To be able to identify this, cautiously observe the flight path of the returning wasps. When mid-summer comes around, you will not have any problem seeing where the wasp nest is, which is the reason why you require professional help right away. Everybody knows that wasps sting, however they do so when they feel they’re in danger, which is certainly how they'll feel if you try to get rid of their nest. A wasp's sting could be seriously dangerous, with people put in hospital in rare cases. So do not dare to take any risks. It may sound like getting rid of rats is easier than nest removal for wasps.

Next there are the bedbugs. There's a huge misconception about bedbug treatment and about how they end up in your house. Lots of individuals often believe that bedbugs just appear in properties where there's poor hygiene. But this is not strictly the case. People actually tend to inadvertently bring bedbugs back with them when they've been overseas and so this is how they end up getting established in your house. It can be tough to find bedbugs, as they often hide throughout the day. These areas are where you'll most probably see bedbugs - in the bed frame, behind baseboards, on the headboard and along the mattress seams. However, one of the most significant signs of a bedbug problem is blood on the bedding. This is brownish in colour. You might also see that you've got bites on your leg.

How about mice control? If you're troubled by mice infestation, you have to call the experts right away. Mice carry bacteria and this may lead to illnesses like salmonella and listeria. Nevertheless, mice do leave signs of their presence that will allow you to discover the problem. Mouse droppings are one of these, with mice leaving about 80 per day. They're commonly 3 - 6 millimetres long and black in colour. Apart from this, you could possibly discover a nest, which might be in an airing cupboard or underneath the floorboards. A chewing mark is another usual indicator. If you find damage to your wires, furniture, carpets and such like, there is a chance you may have a mouse problem. A musky smell is just another sign that mice can be found in your premise. You might also see dark grey smear marks.

In addition to the pest control problems and finding solutions to getting rid of rats and others which have been stated, another common problem is flea infestation. Fortunately, human flea infestations are exceedingly unusual in United Kingdom. But, this doesn't prevent fleas from being an issue in your home, as family pets are prone to flea infestations. So you have to pay attention to your pet. If you're able to spot fleas crawling on their fur or skin then you understand that you certainly have a problem. Does your pet scratch more than they usually do? That is just another sign they've been infested with fleas. In addition to this, you need to watch out for flea droppings. These can be typically discovered on your pet's bedding or on your pet's skin. These droppings are very small and black, almost black specks. Although fleas can't live on your skin, you may notice if you've been bitten.

Do you require ant control? There are three indicators that you might need this service. Obviously, the first would be ant sightings in your house. Ants often come out at night time and they'll feed on foods that have fat and sugar. Outbreaks are most common in the summer months, particularly following a warm and humid spell of weather. In addition to this, you could possibly hear ants. If you've got an active colony in your house then you'll hear a rustling sound. Lastly, another clear indication you have a problem with ant infestation is frass, which is basically excrement or debris left by the insects. You'll normally detect this as little piles of wood shavings and sawdust. It is an indicator of a more complex ant infestation. It is due to the fact that the ants have essentially hollowed out a piece of wood to ensure their colony has room.

Hopefully at this point you have a much better comprehension of some of the most usual pest infestations and how you can identify if you're suffering from these. You can find a number of other types of creatures and insects that may be a problem. Moles can totally destroy a lawn or garden, for instance - an apparent indication that this mammal is residing under your house. You can have a rabbit problem if you see gnaw marks on trees, damages of plants and grass, in addition to coarse and round faecal pellets in your garden. From carpet beetles to woodworms, there are many different problems. For more information on indications of pest infestation, please visit our online site, www.pestserve.co.uk. Or, if you'd like to take advantage of a top quality pest control service dedicated to getting rid of rats, contact Pestserve now by calling 07886 249 030.