Rats & Mice – What Attracts Them?

They Know Where They Are Going!

Rodents are not easy going travelling pests and do not “go where the wind takes them.” There is always a plan as to where they travel – and it’s usually for the food and shelter in houses. Certain environments and layouts of a property make it easier for a rat or mouse to invade, which makes your home more appealing to rodents and venerable to infestation.

They Fit Through Pretty Much Anything

Rodents are skilled acrobats and climbers, They will squeeze their body through a hole the size of a £2 coin. They will successfully jump further than even your younger self ever could, The tight spaces they can fit through makes anyone claustrophobic.

A hole half an inch or even a quarter of an inch in diameter are potential entries for tiny mice and rats. These spots can be around pipes or wires entering a structure, gaps underneath garage doors, or roof vents. They can literally get in anywhere.

Another good tip is to trim tree limbs and tall bushes at least six feet away from roofs. Because these little guys can jump so far it makes this a simple obstacle course to obtain entry into your home.


Rats/Mice Will Stick Around if You Leave Food Around

To stop this from happening first begin to thoroughly cleaning areas where food is prepared, cooked, or consumed. This includes vacuum or sweeping and wiping down tables to remove crumbs or small food particles. A crumb might not seem much to you but can be a feast for rats or mice.

Wash dishes after every meal – or at least daily – You may think all the cleaning precautions are extreme but it gives no chance for rodents to survive in your household and a very compelling reason for them to leave. It’s also hygienic!

Tidy Cluttered Spaces

The skittish nature of rats and mice make cluttered environments or tall grass an ideal nesting location. These gnawing, night roamers can remain stealth and unseen in these conditions, it’s also harder to catch them when the space is cluttered so you can’t see or get to them making them more comfortable and giving them less of a motive to leave.

Call us With Any Problems!

If you have any mouse or rat problems then give us a call! These little pests carry diseases, chew through walls/furniture/wires, leave droppings and eat your food. The last thing you want is to pull out the cereal box and realise you have a hole in the bottom! At PestServe we receive regular calls about mice/rats which leaves us with plenty of experience. Put your mind at rest, we are here to help.