The Annoying Trio

1. Mosquitoes

Annoying Traits:

  • Leave red, itchy bites
  • Annoying Buzzzz sound
  • carry diseases

Female mosquitoes need blood to develop and lay their eggs, so when they attack it’s nothing personal, they just need blood. Of course that doesn’t mean you want them to attack. The actual bite of a mosquito doesn’t really hurt; in fact it probably goes unnoticed. However, the painful part comes in the following hours/days, when those red, itchy bumps start to come through and you begin scratching away. On top of the bites they leave, mosquitoes like to buzz around you, letting you know they will strike again!

2. Fleas

Annoying Traits:

  • Huge infestations
  • Harm pets

If man’s best friend could speak they would no doubt tell you fleas are the most annoying insect of all! Fleas live on blood, meaning your loving pet can be quickly covered in scabby bites. You will soon realise when your pets have fleas due to the constant scratching of itchy bites. As well as leaving your pets in pain fleas like to drop their eggs on the ground when your pet is walking around. So as you can imagine, a couple of fleas quickly becomes a lot of fleas. Once your home is infested, it can be a massive battle to get rid of these pests. Oh, and if you live in a flat or house share, your neighbours probably have fleas too!


3. House Flies

Annoying Traits:

  • Love your food
  • Nasty habits (sick on your food)
  • Also carry diseases

Do you like a good BBQ or picnic with family/partner? Well in that case you will know how annoying it is to swat flies away after every bite of you have. It’s as if flies never learn, no matter how many times you swat them away, they just come back! House flies come, well, in the house and they can carry diseases which is something you don’t want! House flies have a habit of regurgitating and excreting each and every time they land on your food, which is of course how they transmit their diseases, so make sure food is covered! House flies are not the classiest of pests, they feed on all kinds of lovely things like excrement or open wounds. Then they land on your arm and let it all out, from both ends! Nice right?

Having Trouble With The Annoying Trio?

If you are experiencing problems with the pests we have just been speaking about then let us know! It is important you call a pest control professional as soon as you find these pests around your home otherwise you; your family or your pets could be at danger!