Keep Pigeons Away!

Rats of the sky

Pigeons for some time have been branded ‘the rats of the sky’ which is of course a fitting name when you consider just how big a pest they are! So, let’s start with the obvious, pigeons carry diseases and parasites (we all ready remember bird flu right?) putting peoples life’s in danger. As well as being very dangerous they are generally annoying and cause destruction to your home by dislodging roof tiles and blocking drains. Bird droppings not only look disgusting but the uric acid in the faeces can directly damage the design and structure of buildings.

Where can you Find Pigeons? 

Pigeons tend to build their nests well, pretty much anywhere. They have got used to living among humans and feeding off food scraps, that’s right, if you don’t finish your kebab they will! You will be able to find pigeons in/on the following places:

Old buildings




Empty Containers

Near water tanks or cisterns


Keeping Them Away

Here at PestServe we have been called on multiple pigeon problems (that many we have lost count!) so here are some good tips to keep the flying pests away:

Bird Netting – The perfect solution to keep the birds away. You can use bird netting anywhere you wish to keep safe and it can be used all year round. Be aware though, bird droppings can get through the net!

Anti-perch Devices – You can either make them yourself or purchase them online/in stores, they are fitted to your window sills, chimneys, ledges and guttering to harmlessly stop pigeons from perching or nesting on your property.

Bird-wire Systems – Anti-perch devices can be seen as an eye saw so bird wire is a much more discreet option. Just like anti-perch devices you can place them on ledges, pipes, signs and guttering.

Deterrent Sound Systems – These smart devices systems mimic predator cries over large areas causing birds to instinctively fly away.

Robotic Scares – You could call them scarecrows yes but these electronic birds of prey can be even better. Although they can be creepy!

Got Pigeon Problems?

If you are experiencing big problems with pigeons at your home and you have finally had enough, then call us! We understand just how annoying these flying pests can be so we will solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible!