Get Rid of & Prevent Spiders

The Spider Stick

Make a Spider Stick. Okay, so it doesn’t sound like the most professional piece of equipment but they are useful. Find something like a broom or mop handle (stick shape) and tie a rag or a towel on the end. The end of your ‘spider stick’ should just look like a padded ball.

  • Make sure the ‘padded ball’ is secured tightly to the stick. The last thing you want is to approach the spider, it falls off and the spider runs away.
  • This bit is optional – but you can spray the end of your ‘spider stick’ with chemicals to try make sure you kill the spiders but don’t worry if you don’t want to use chemicals, it’s not a necessity, the spiders will get wrapped in their own web anyway.

Find the Spiders. Make sure check every corner of every room, you want to be thorough when getting rid of spiders otherwise you could leave eggs behind which will just result in more spiders! Another place you can find spiders is under furniture although they tend to be hanging around on their webs. Remove the Spiders and Their Webs. This is where you can put your new invention to use! Run your stick down each corner of your room and under furniture as if you were using a feather duster to clean. Like we said, you need to be thorough because spiders may have laid eggs in their webs. A good tip when using your ‘spider stick’ is to use a spinning motion to wrap the webs around the rag, leaving no shreds hanging.   Throw the rag Away. Once the job is done, take your ‘padded ball’ off the stick (maybe use gloves) and place the rag in a plastic bag. Tie the bag and throw it away. Job done! Depending on your OCD you will want to repeat the process every month but it is entirely up to you how often you want to spider check!   Clear the Clutter Spiders Love the dark. Spiders love a good dark, quiet place (which is why you can find them in basement corners!) Having a cluttered home means you are just creating more places for spiders to call home.

  • Remove old furniture. If you have chairs, sofas, cabinets or any dust collecting furniture that never gets used, consider letting it air out and taking to a donation centre. Little-used furniture makes a good home for spiders.
  • Don’t use the space under your bed as a storage area. Forgotten clothes and shoes, stacks of papers, and other items you might have under the bed might be attracting spiders!

Too Scared of Spiders? If your house is crawling with spiders or any other pests it’s best that you call a professional. We understand some people really don’t fancy dealing with a spider infestation so we are here to help and can even offer you a free quote! We offer our pest services in York, Leeds and Selby.