DIY Pest Control – Bad or Good?

At PestServe we understand that temptation to cut costs by trying to rid of any pests yourself. Or maybe you have used a professional pest control company before but you didn’t get what you paid for (they robbed you!) These days it’s easy to just walk into a shop and buy one of the chemical products straight off a shelf which might cost a fifth of the price to hire a pest control company. So you ask, why not do it yourself?

So, What’s so Bad?

Sometimes, the most dangerous thing is not knowing about the pest you are trying to eradicate, or even the effectiveness of the solution you are applying. For instance, the chemicals you would be using will be highly toxic and be extremely harmful if touched or inhaled – in fact, some ‘do it yourself’ pest control products are so dangerous to you and family members shouldn’t even use them inside your home especially if they get into your home’s water supply.

One thing to note is that if you do decide to leave things like poison outside your home is that you should tell your neighbours in case they have pets.


Once you have gone through all that effort to buy your chemical, lay it out around your home, warn family and neighbours (avoiding making them ill in other words!) the biggest blow is when you find your so called ‘solution’ that you’ve spent time and money on… doesn’t work! Once that happens you will sit and think to yourself… I should have called a professional.

Pest Control in Leeds, York and Selby.

If you are in the Leeds, Selby or York area and you are being drove up the wall by DIY pest control methods, then it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call us today. We are a professional and cost effective pest control company in Leeds. We’ll get straight to work and find the heart of the problem, which we will follow up by delivering immediate and long-term results. Just sit back and relax, let us do the hard work!