Deadliest Insects in the World!

Below we have listed the first 5 of 10 deadliest insects in the world, watch our blog because we will release the next 5 soon!

10.     Locust – Surprised? Even though locusts don’t directly kill humans, they do cause starvation leading to the death of millions!

So The Locusts might not eat you, but you won’t have anything to eat…unless of course you eat them, locusts are considered a delicacy in many countries.


9.      Bot Fly – Can you think of anything more disgusting than a load of flies developing under your skin and then eating their way out? You know like something in the movies? You need to be prepared for these and take care if you are travelling throughout south America and you will find that there a lot more dangerous insects!


8.     Giant Japanese Hornet – These guys should not be made fun of.  They can measure up to 3 inches and if you get bitten by one it could be lead to being paralysed, kidney failure and death (a slow one at that!) This murderer is attracted to people that sweat, drink alcohol, smell sweet, or are running, so pretty much anyone!  So when you are in Japan make sure you relax and do not drink alcohol! Maybe a vacation somewhere else?


7.     Bees – How can these honey-making insects (which sting once then die) be a danger? Well, bees are very territorial and will literally protect their queen with their life! Especially the Americanized bee, which are more aggressive and unpredictable. When an attack is eminent, an army of bees will attack and signal more bees! So if you see a hive and think you will try get some honey, think again, do NOT approach a bee hive.


6.     Mosquito – How can such a small pest be so dangerous? Normally you just slap them away from your arm or leg right? Well they are life takers so measures must be taken to protect against an infestation. Mosquitoes carry malaria and cause almost 1 million deaths across the world per year! They can be found all across the world and while you think they are unheard of in the UK, they are definitely here. Just not harmful…yet. A good tip to make sure they don’t breed near you is to get rid of any standing water! So don’t leave things like paddling pools out and make sure to change the dogs water regularly!

If you are having trouble at home with any of the pests mentioned above (apart from the botfly or giant Japanese hornet of course!) then call us right away, each of the pests that have been mentioned potentially dangerous so don’t take any risks!