Deadliest Insects in the World – Part 2!

This is the second part to our ‘deadliest insects in the world’ article. These are the top 5!

5.     Fleas – A flea’s spends most of its life looking for a place to call home, where food is available to them, their diet is like that of a vampire – YOUR BLOOD! You will find these pests pretty much everywhere; reptiles, mammals, domestic animals, and humans. If it’s got blood it’s a target! Fleas can cause anemia in pets which can cause devastating loses.


4.     Hemiptera – Also known as the kissing bug. No so far you are probably thinking how sweet, a bug that will give you a kiss’. Well guess what? The name is deceiving. It is actually a blood sucking parasite, weirdly they are attracted to the odours that we exhale, which normally turns humans away! So if you breathe through your mouth, you are a target! The kissing bug can give humans something called chagas; which can be a life threatening illness!


3.     Fire Ants – You will tend to find the fire ant colonies in soil or sand, or pretty much anywhere near your feet!  If you are not careful and do not cover/protect your feat the ants will swarm and your feet will be covered resulting in an mass of biting! These ants are very protective so if their colonies are in threat they will show NO mercy and are capable of killing!


2.     Bullet Ants – Let’s just say you couldn’t miss one of these ants1 they are between 1 and 2 inches in length and if you get bit by one it may just feel like being shot with a bullet! To say the pain is excruciating would probably be the understatement of the year! These dangerous ants must NOT be messed with and on the off chance you come across one you must avoid them at all costs because you could be paralysed or killed.


1.     Driver Ants – Now before your inner child starts to giggle,No they do not drive cars. They get their name because they are constantly on the move looking for food to eat. They travel in such large numbers (up to 50 million) they have to look for new food sources every couple of days. Most people killed by these ants are the ones out researching them! The victims of these ants are usually ones that cannot escape the invasion such as; tethered animals or caged chickens.


Although you will not come across most of these killer insects in the UK fleas are very common all over the world. So if you have some trouble with fleas or any other pest then feel free to contact us here at PestServe and we will be more than happy to help you out!