Getting Rid Of Rats – What Is The Best Way Of Getting Rid Of These Pests?

Is getting rid of rats in your home, workplace or warehouse proving too much of a hassle? If this is the case, have you considered hiring pest control professionals? Pest control professionals received proper training and have the knowledge to apply appropriate techniques in thoroughly removing pests from your residence. Here are just some of the techniques they could apply.

  1. Erecting Barriers

Though rats are known to flatten their bodies and squeeze their way through tiny constrictions, completely blocking the holes and crevices is a way of keeping them out. While at it, start sealing holes from the inside. However, before you do this, make sure that all rats are totally removed because when blocked in, they simply create new holes. After all rats have vacated your home, seal all the exterior holes permanently.

  1. Trap, But Don’t Kill, the Rats

Placing killer traps in an area frequented by rats does little to avert the rats menace. On the contrary, other rats come in to fill in the vacuum; the underlying problem will still be persistent thereby attracting even more rats. Humane traps will enable you catch the rats and dispose of them far away from your establishment. As part of their work ethic, pest control professionals dispose of the rats rather than killing them senselessly.

  1. Cats, Dogs and Birds Will Do It!

Naturally, rats don’t go well with either of these pets. Your kids will get to have fun playing with these pets while at the same time keeping your home rat-free. A barn owl, for instance, has an insatiable appetite for rats and other rodents. Cats and dogs, on the other hand, chase tirelessly after the rats, creating a hostile environment for the rats. This is more of a personal undertaking than a professional job.

  1. Repelling the Rats

Wouldn’t you rather avoid a problem than deal with it? Rat repellents enable you to keep them out on their way in, and you can use the peppermint oil. Its smell is too intense for rats and they wouldn’t stand it for all the cheese in your home. A drop or two of this oil in a cotton bell will release bursts of pungent odour (to the rats) and keep them away. Pest control professionals will be able to assess the infestation and gauge how much oil they will need.

There may be different things to do to try in getting rid of rats. However, it is still best to seek assistance from the professionals. A pest control professional can perform a remarkable job in ridding your home, warehouse or garage of perennial rat menaces. They not only strive to solve the problem at hand but also employ strategies to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Contact pest control professionals today and have a rat-free home.

Professional Pest Control Works

It is completely understandable that you don’t know everything about the pests that infest your home, but at PestServe, it’s our business to know! – we deal with different pest issues day in, day out. No pest is too big or too small! You may think an ant is tiny but in a group can cause havoc in your home and pests as large as rabbits and moles are no saints either, they will leave you without a garden if needs be!

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They Know Where They Are Going!

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