Keep Pigeons Away!

Rats of the sky

Pigeons for some time have been branded ‘the rats of the sky’ which is of course a fitting name when you consider just how big a pest they are! So, let’s start with the obvious, pigeons carry diseases and parasites (we all ready remember bird flu right?) putting peoples life’s in danger. Read more

Professional Pest Control Works

It is completely understandable that you don’t know everything about the pests that infest your home, but at PestServe, it’s our business to know! – we deal with different pest issues day in, day out. No pest is too big or too small! You may think an ant is tiny but in a group can cause havoc in your home and pests as large as rabbits and moles are no saints either, they will leave you without a garden if needs be!

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Ants – Little Pests!

Ants are very interesting creatures to watch, as they busily run about their business on your driveway or even in your kitchen. But is it okay to have them in your home? NO it is not- unless of course you love ants and they are safely tucked into an ant farm. Why don’t you want to have ants in your home or even on your property? Here are some helpful tips from PestServe on why you should prevent ants in your kitchen!

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Rats & Mice – What Attracts Them?

They Know Where They Are Going!

Rodents are not easy going travelling pests and do not “go where the wind takes them.” There is always a plan as to where they travel – and it’s usually for the food and shelter in houses. Certain environments and layouts of a property make it easier for a rat or mouse to invade, which makes your home more appealing to rodents and venerable to infestation.

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Happy New Year – Don’t let the Bugs get You Down


Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Pestserve

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It is the end of another year; a year that has been filled with lots of happy (and pest-free) customers for Pestserve. Hopefully, if you have had a pest problem in the last year then you haven’t let the bugs get you down. And we hope you won’t let them get you down if you come face to face with them in 2015, too! We’ve got some excellent tips for the New Year, which will ensure any pest experience you may have isn’t a difficult one. Let’s make 2015 as pest free as possible!

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Why Delaying Your Pest Control Problem

If you have a pest control problem then it is quite normal to ignore it, in the hope that the issue will go away. Many people are too shy or embarrassed to ask for help when they have pests in their home, for the fear of being judged; many people even think that pest control experts may think that they’re dirty people or that there’s more they could have done to prevent pests.


However, this is simply not the case! And, the more you leave a pest control problem as it is, the worse it could potentially get. Here’s our guide on what may happen if you delay your pest control problem, along with some tips on how to get them solved.



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Pest Control Issues You May Face From Birds

When you think of birds the last thing that will probably spring to mind will be ‘pests’. However, birds can create real problems at home or at work, if they decide to take up nest in your building. In fact, some birds are actually classified as pests because of the damage they can cause in and around your home. If you’re unsure whether you have a pest issue at home or work then our handy guide is here to help. Here are the different types of pest control issues you may face from birds.










Sparrows may seem small and cute, but they can cause huge amounts of damage

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