BBQ Bee Control

So it’s august and maybe the weather isn’t brilliant but you might be able to squeeze in a BBQ this weekend! Do you know who else likes a good BBQ? Yep those stinging little pests; bees and wasps! As the summer wears on, their populations grow making them more eager to find something yummy to feed their expanding colony.

Having stinging insects join you at your BBQ is not fun for anybody especially for your (human) guests that spend the night trying to swat the little things! So, you have probably thought to yourself before, what exactly will bees/wasps away from my delicious BBQ? Well lucky for you we love a BBQ as much as the next person so here are some top tips:

  • Keep all foods like salad or bread buns Electroconvulsive therapy under wraps, whether it’s just under tin foil or in a container, make sure stingers can’t access it.
  • If you don’t fancy using tin foil because it will just blow down your garden then consider purchasing some mesh food covers to put over your food, it will keep it safe from uninvited guests.
  • Once people have finished eating their food don’t leave it lying around on plates, throw it in the bin!


  • It’s definitely not ideal but if people drank from bottles with caps then life would be easier. You don’t want a wasp or bee climbing into your drink and then flying out to try sting you whilst trying to take a sip!
  • If you notice a beehive or wasp nest on your property, then it’s best to call a pest control professional, you don’t want to have a BBQ and share the garden with hundreds of bees/wasps, it won’t end well!

These tips of course may help reduce problems that you have with bees or wasps, but it will not totally keep them away, by any stretch of the imagination. Bright colours or sweet smelling perfumes can also attract them but people don’t like to be told what they can/can’t wear so never expect that bees won’t be attracted to at least one person.

Bee Control – It’s What we do!

If you have any bee or wasp problems at your home then get in touch with us. We are a professional pest control company in Leeds and we are always called out on bee control jobs so we can confidently say we have the experience!