Ants – Little Pests!

Ants are very interesting creatures to watch, as they busily run about their business on your driveway or even in your kitchen. But is it okay to have them in your home? NO it is not- unless of course you love ants and they are safely tucked into an ant farm. Why don’t you want to have ants in your home or even on your property? Here are some helpful tips from PestServe on why you should prevent ants in your kitchen!

  • Ants are hard to get rid of, especially without the help of a PestServe technician! Just a few ants in your home may seem like a minor problem, but if they have found the conditions in your home that can suit their lifestyle or satisfy their needs, they can be difficult to get rid of! If ants have found their way in to the kitchen then it can be really tough to get rid of these little pests, simply because of food on work tops, in the cupboard and so on.
  • Just a few ants in your home can usually annoy people to the point they take action. Ants are social insects and that means that they live in large colonies with thousands of members. So, just a couple of ants here and there can usually signify that a colony is present somewhere nearby. The odd ant may not seem like a problem but if there is a colony nearby you could be in trouble!
  • Ants will always try get into your food supply. Once they do, they will steal your food and take it back to their colony. The problem is, they can contaminate food with their dead bodies. So If you like to bake finding an ant in your sugar won’t be fun!


  • Some ants can actually damage the structure of your home or damage your belongings. Carpenter ants build their nests and colonies into wooden structures, including the wood in your home. If you have these ants present long enough, they can cause serious damage to your home and belongings.
  • Insects like ants have a ‘creepy factor’ about them. No one likes having to live side by side with pests in their home! These pests are a nuisance and can cause stress for anyone that doesn’t like ants or insects in general.

So if you have the odd ant around the house, or of course if you all ready have a serious problem contact us straight away! We are professionals that can take care of your ant problems and any other pests in your home!